10 Great Subscription Box Gift Ideas

More than 50% of online consumers get monthly subscription boxes in the United States. Just recently, subscription boxes have taken over and you can find one for every interest. If you are looking for a good gift idea that continues through the year, consider getting a subscription. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best subscription box gift ideas for friends and family! 

1. Cheese of the Month

Do you have a cheese lover in your life that lives for charcuterie boards and wine nights?

A Cheese of the Month subscription is the perfect snack for any time of the month. Although this might be a stinky gift, it is tasty and comes with unique options that will complement dinners and wine. Although there aren’t any options for vegan people, this is the ultimate dairy gift. 

2. Birchbox 

A popular skin and makeup subscription box to get someone is Birchbox.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription that comes with some of the biggest luxury brands in skincare and makeup. Each box has mini or travel-size versions of products that will let you try them before deciding to purchase.

To help decide the best products, there is a short survey that will ask questions about skin type and hair. 

3. Wine Club

Are you looking for a birthday gift for the wine lover in your life?

One of the most popular subscription box gift ideas to consider is Wine Club. Every month, a box of wine will arrive on their doorstep with some of the best flavors to try. This is a great gift for someone that has tried all the local wines and is looking for something unique. 

A short survey while signing up will help identify their palette and determine the best options. 

4. Snack Perk 

If you are looking for a healthy subscription box to gift, consider getting someone the Snack Perk box!

Snack Perk is reasonably priced and comes with the healthiest snacks around. Organic snacks, nuts, and kettle chips are some of the goodies that you will find in a box.

Not only do they specialize in healthy snack boxes, but they also have kits with popular snacks like Cheez-Its, Oreo, and more. 

5. Bouqs Flower Box

Are you constantly buying flowers for someone in your life and want a larger variety of options?

The Bouqs subscription box is the perfect solution. This gift box is sent each month with a beautiful bouquet. You can select the size that you want to send along with the types of flowers to include. 

Flowers will help brighten someone’s day and home. Each time they walk past the flowers they will be reminded of your love and care for them. 

6. Candy Club

One of the best subscription boxes to get for people of all ages is Candy Club. 

Candy Club sends monthly boxes filled with sugary treats and chocolate. They have a very large range of options to choose from and are constantly adding new choices. Candy Club is reasonably priced and comes with good-sized portions of their selections.

7. Mix Box

The Mix Box, created by Homemade Bakers is a fun subscription that can help bring a family together or treat a sweet tooth.

This monthly subscription comes with ingredients you need to make delicious desserts. The box has detailed instructions on what to do and gives you a couple of ideas to make. 

Mix Box is perfect for young bakers, dessert lovers, and chocolate obsessors. The box even includes video instructions that will help navigate you through the process and teach you how to bake. 

8. MyBookBox

If you are looking for a subscription box gift that doesn’t revolve around food, MyBookBox is a perfect choice!

MyBookBox is a monthly subscription that allows you or someone else to pick a reading list. They can choose from the latest books to classical options. Depending on the age of the gift receiver, there are books for ages 3 and up. 

The best part about this book subscription is that each box includes a surprise gift. These gifts could be things like snacks, bookmarks, or even socks. 

9. Tea Runners

A Tea Runners subscription is ideal for those who enjoy tea and relaxation.

Each month, you can send a box of black, herbal, pure, or mixed teas. These different options will help your friend or family member grow their collection and taste palette. These premium teas are award-winning loose-leaf options that will feel fresh and vibrant. 

Every box comes with 4 different types of tea and instructions on how to steep each one. Although this doesn’t seem like much, you will get an average of 40 cups of tea from each box. 

10. Driftaway Coffee

Now that wine and tea lovers have been addressed, it is time to look at a subscription for coffee lovers.

Driftaway Coffee boxes have fresh-roasted whole beans of coffee that will be delivered to the doorstep. This is perfect for someone who is always stopping at Starbucks or the local coffee shop for the morning cup of brew. 

Each box has 4 different options to try. As the subscriber identifies the flavors that they like, the box can be customized to their preferences. 

Subscription Box Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

There are many subscription box gift ideas to consider when picking out presents for loved ones. 

By paying attention to their interests and utilizing this guide, you can discover the best subscription box that they will love. Subscription boxes are a perfect gift because they change each month and offer a wide variety of products. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and expose someone to something new.  

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