archiveSeptember 2020


Persian Fairy Floss: Why It Might Be Your New Favourite

With its fancy name, Persian Fairy Floss is sure to make some people tilt their heads in inquiry and immediately search whether they really are made of fairy stuff or not. What most people don’t know is that it is Iran’s candied delicacy similar to the popular cotton candy. While...

Foods To Prevent Urine Infection

A sexual relationship, a pregnancy, a lowering of defenses… many reasons can lead to an annoying urine infection. Located in the bladder, it mainly affects women between 20 and 65 years old. Urinary tract infection is caused by the invasion of microorganisms in the urinary tract. It can occur in...

Highlights on Additional Equipment For Your Bakery

Once you have covered the necessary equipment for your baking (and usually the most expensive one), you should continue with other essential utensils so that the baker can carry out his work without setbacks. Many of these tools must be calculated based on the size of your business: Baking trays...