5 Unique Deep Fried Foods You Need to Try

Gone are the days when fried food was only seen as a snack you have at a carnival. These days chefs are cooking up a storm and deep-frying pretty much anything they can get their hands on.

Nobody is complaining at the site of deep-fried food and for good reason. From deep-fried Oreos, and deep-fried margaritas to deep-fried pickles that are sure to make your mouth water. Read the guide below to find out the most unique deep-fried foods that you need to try!

Fried Churros

Chances are that you’ve only had the frozen churros from the supermarket. Nothing makes for better carnival food than churros that are freshly made from scratch.

They also make for a tasty after-dinner snack that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. Recently people have been stuffing churros with chocolate and all sorts of things but we prefer to stick to the original recipe.

Deep-Fried Beignet

I doubt many people have even heard of a beignet before? A beignet can be compared to a donut in a way. Most beignets are made out of a batter that has more liquid than donut batter and makes it lighter.

People compare biting into one to biting into a soft pillowy square of goodness. Traditionally they are made fresh in the morning so having one as a breakfast treat isn’t a bad idea.

Scandinavian Rosettes

You’ve probably seen this deep-fried goodness scattered around fairs and carnivals. These traditional Scandinavian treats are made around Christmas time for Santa and all the children to enjoy.

Now, is the time you get your hands on some, if you haven’t tried them already. Fancy making them at home? You can even buy a Rosette iron and make them from the comfort of your home.

Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good mac and cheese? Well, the great news is that the popular home dish is now being deep-fried. If you cant find this variant at a restaurant near you, you could always give it a go at home.

Take ice-cream scoops of it, place in some batter and toss your mac and cheese balls into the deep fryer. You will thank us later.

Deep-Fried Peanuts

Peanuts are delicious but taking them out of their shells can be annoying right? We have a solution. Deep-fry your peanuts whole in your deep fryer with some peanut oil. The shells will then come out edible and your problem is solved. Weird we know, but give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Deep-Fried Foods Change Your Life

Where oh where would the culinary world be without some deep-fried goodness? The great news is, that pretty much anything you enjoy eating can be deep-fried with some inventiveness. The new deep fryers on the market, have opened up deep-fried foods for everybody.

Are you a foodie looking for other recipes to try? Maybe you want to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen? Head on over to our cooking tips page and find out more.