A Coherent Understanding of cactus fig

The prickly pear or cactus fig is a yellow, red or white fruit. It grows on a Mexican cactus. Its flesh is grainy and contains small black seeds. The taste is very sweet and different depending on the color. Enjoy it very fresh, it’s better. Consumption is in fruit juice, jam or plain. The difficulty of its consumption comes from picking and cutting the skin because it has small thorns on the blackheads. Fruit of the sun of course, it is present in the Maghreb, Spain and Sicily.


The banana is a fruit well known to the French. The banana is covered with a yellow skin that becomes tabby when ripe. With a tender and sweet flesh, bananas are a fruit rich in carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins. One banana a day provides a big dose of energy every day. The banana comes in several varieties: Manzano banana or apple banana, Plantain banana or Musa paradisiaca, red banana from the Seychelles, and green banana or Poyo.


This star fruit of Asian origin is called Starfruit in English. To consume it when ripe, choose star fruit with a shiny, yellow, fluted and firm skin. If it is green-yellow, the fruit is very slightly sweet. It contains a translucent pulp and small brown seeds. In France, the carambola is often used in pastry decoration because it is very graphic. In the tropics, carambola can easily be used in a fresh fruit salad.


Carob cannot be eaten by biting into it. Carob trees (Tree) produce brown pods containing small seeds. The green pods are dried and then ground into a powder or made into a kind of gum. Carob powder looks and tastes very similar to cocoa powder, being naturally sweet and used as an alternative to chocolate. Carob can replace cocoa in the preparation of all recipes. Carobs are widely distributed in regions like Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.


Pineapple is an elongated fruit covered in hexagonal patterns topped with a variegation of spicy green leaves. The bright yellow flesh is sweet, juicy, and flavorful. Even if it seems very sweet, its energy intake is limited. In Asia, it is used as well in dessert as in savory cuisine. The best pineapple in the world is the Victoria pineapple, which is native to the Seychelles.


Ceriman is the fruit of Monstera deliciosa, also called delicious fruit. It is an elongated fruit 20 to 30 centimeters long. The fruit is green before maturity. It has scales which eventually turn yellow and detach from the ceriman, it is then ripe. The flesh is very fragrant with a semblance of banana and pineapple.