Afternoon Delight: The Art Of High Tea Catering

Delightful is one word to describe the beauty of high tea catering in Singapore. Visualise the luxurious dessert tray, fine china, and the social table anecdotes that come with it. If you want to learn more about this culinary art, learn about the basics in this article.

#1: TEA

As the name suggests, having good tea on the table is the main attraction. After all, a mini catering service in Singapore is all about curating a small menu that speaks. Customers can choose from a plethora of leaves that complement their preferred food. (Tip: you can book a tasting appointment with the catering company.)


The luxurious dessert tray is incomplete without pieces of savoury sandwiches. Since most of them are sweet, you should always add something salty for excitement. Not to mention, small sandwiches are filling. Explore from a range of cured meats and fish. Lastly, remember to cut them into smaller and bite-sized pieces.


No one can resist the spongy goodness and flavour of cakes. These sweets complement the bold flavours of your tea, and they make afternoons even more delightful. Achieving this means trusting the best catering service in Singapore that strives for perfection in their baked goods.


Tarts are notable for their crunchy crust that mingles well with fillings. They can be fruit preserves or flavourful cremes. Never skip this when curating a high tea catering service.


Some people like to keep it simple, then scones with jam or creme would be perfect! They have a nice texture that feels exciting in the mouth. Try them. Your afternoons will be better.


A high tea menu is like a bento set in Singapore that contains all the essentials. When hiring a caterer, ask for French Macarons because they elevate the experience. You are in it for the taste and aesthetic value they add.

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