Babyccino Starbucks – A Drink Perfect for Babies?

If you are fond of Starbucks coffee, then you will surely be amazed by their new product – Babyccino Starbucks. If you are with a baby, the barista will come up with a drink that can be drunk by your baby. So what exactly is babyccino and why it is safe even for babies? You’ll know more about it in this article.

What is a babyccino?

A babyccino is a cappuccino without the espresso. What you will get is frothy steamed milk. Starbucks offers babyccino. In fact, some branches offer it for free for as long as you order a regular coffee. However, a babyccino is not recommended for nursing babies. The baby should be at least six months old, although many experts would recommend such a type of drink to toddlers.

If you know cappuccino, which is, of course, pretty obvious, then a babyccino is a baby version of the famous cappuccino. A cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with equal parts of steamed milk, double espresso, and steamed milk foam on top. It is characterized by a thick layer of micro-foam. It has double espresso, which is really good for adults, especially those who want to be perked up because the espresso will really wake you up. However, a cappuccino is not good for babies and toddlers – hence, the very reason why it is now babyccino.

What are the pros of drinking babyccino?

This special type of drink provides infants and toddlers with something to drink. It’s a great way to take time off from the usual milk and have the baby’s tastebuds be accustomed to other tastes. Although it is not a substitute for breastmilk and formula milk. Below are some of the reasons why babyccino is a good drink for your little ones.

One of the best things about babyccino is that it is easy to prepare. You can prepare it on your own, but if you don’t have the time, you can always request it at Starbucks. Just tell the barista you need babyccino for your little one and they will be glad to cater your order. Some branches offer it for free provided you order their regular drinks. Some have babyccino on their menu and it costs around 50 cents to $2, it really depends on your location.

Babyccino is made from ingredients safe for your little ones. These ingredients are milk foam and powder topping. It’s a perfect treat for your little one. They would love it and, most of all, you will have peace of mind knowing you are feeding something safe and healthy for your kid. A sip of babyccino will surely put a smile on your kid’s face, especially when the foam forms on their upper lips. That kind of happiness is something that would paint a smile not only on your baby’s face but as well as to your face. if you have not tried ordering a babyccino before, make sure you try one the next time you visit Starbucks.