BBQs 2U – Buy Kamado Space Island For Big Green Egg Grill

BBQ 2U started with a simple goal of spreading a passion for cooking outdoors among their community in the UK. The family gathered backyard cooking knowledge and is well aware that delicious BBQ starts with pro tools and BBQs. This is what you will find at the BBQs 2U showroom starting with professional brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napolean, and Ooni pizza oven. 

The BBQs are designed using robust material for better performance and quality. On BBQs 2U, people will find Kamado Joe spare parts and accessories, Napoleon gas & charcoal BBQs accessories, Ooni Pizza ovens, and Masterbuilt BBQs trimmings. Their stock even includes the finest sauces, rubs, fuels, utensils, tools, etc. needed to cook gourmet BBQ in the backyard. BBQs 2U desires to make their customers feel confident about the food they cook. Beginners or professional BBQers can visit their showroom and check out the demonstration as well as discuss barbeques with the family! 

Customers can visit BBQs 2U for buying a Kamado Space Island and transform it into a Big Green Egg Table because the island is compatible with BGE barbeque and even Primo bbq. 

The Kamado Space Infinite outdoor cooking island originates as a flatpack. It can take most of the Kamado grills. It looks stunning including all the tiny details yet is durable and sturdy. The island aims to offer great outdoor grilling satisfaction. The components are made from galvanized or stainless steel. The panels are designed for heat and are weather resistant. They can handle a consistent temperature load of -80° to 80°C. The high-pressure laminates are sourced from Austria and are easy to clean.

Fir Platinum panels of the Kamado Space Infinite cooking island are printed on both sides with double-hard acrylic polyurethane resins. Users need not feel concerned about impacts, abrasion, temperature variations, and scratches. The surface of the panel appears and feels like traditional wood but is absolutely no maintenance.

The Kamado Space Infinite Carbon Grey XL Island is suitable for BGE table XLarge, Big Joe 2 & 3, Primo XL400, and Monolith LeChef. Metal parts are powder coated that ensures UV, frost, corrosion, and water-resistant. The construction is well-engineered and robust, so the island can last for years. 

The island includes 3 spacious drawers suitable for storing accessories and three big drawers to store skillets and pots. There is a vertical charcoal drawer capable to hold two bags full of charcoal. The island has hooks and a paper towel holder. There is a retractable stainless steel ash drawer that ensures to keep surrounding areas of the grill tidy. 

The island surface is polished carefully and it has an oval or circular opening to insert your Kamado or Big Green Egg or Napolean bbq model. The metal shelf height, where the BBQ is inserted can be adjusted. All the drawers are concealed with low friction runner systems that operate smoothly. 

Visitors can follow BBQs 2U on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Visit their showroom and learn to use grills and become a BBQ master.