Best Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. The normal blood sugar range is between 4mmol/l to 7.8mmol/l. Any person with sugars above 7.8 is considered to have a high blood sugar popularly known as diabetes. Diabetes can occur due to either insufficient insulin production or insensitive insulin that cannot breakdown sugars in blood to convert them into energy. As a result, such people take artificial insulin to supplement the little insulin available in their bodies. This in return helps to maintain a normal blood sugar that enables the person to live a healthy life. Besides insulin, organic diabetic meal replacement plays a very important role in maintaining a perfect blood sugar. 

Know What Eat

As a diabetic person, your diet determines how well your sugars will behave.  Eating a diabetic diet means minding the levels of sugars in your body so that you improve your own well-being. First, ensure the fats are between 20 to 30 percent of all the calories you consume. Vegetables are the most preferred in diabetic cases so that you don’t always raise your sugars. Avoid starch because it could increase your blood sugar and put you on a diabetic crisis. 

Exercise Routinely

Exercising means keeping your body fit and ensuring you always burn down excess calories, fats and cholesterol. As a diabetic person, exercising means reducing sugars in the body. This in return promotes insulin sensitivity. As you exercise, you will realize that a small dose of insulin or anti-diabetic is enough to always keep you running the whole day. Exercises lower blood sugars but they convert them into energy. As a result, you end up lowering blood sugar and reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance at all times. Always make sure exercise even if it is slight exercising, it can help a lot in ensuring you don’t incur a lot of diabetic crisis attack.

Quit Smoking 

Smoking is one of the culprits that promote your diabetic crisis incidences. When you smoke, the smoke compromises the cells making the cells not to absorb insulin appropriately. As a result, the insulin doesn’t work properly making blood sugars to always be high and make you to have hypertensive crisis at all times. Don’t smoke so frequent and if possible, you should quit smoking for the sake of your own health. This is the best way to ensure you reduce diabetic crisis and to ensure you don’t need to always take insulin.


The best way to manage diabetes is by sticking to the prescribed medication and ensure you practice lifestyle activities that maintain your blood sugar and the very best optimal ranges. Most people who don’t practice anti-diabetic activities tend to develop insulin resistance. Diabetes has a long term impact of wounds that do not heal and become pure necrotic. It is important to look at your diet, exercise regularly and always take your medication as required by the doctor. That is the best way to increase your wellbeing during your fight with diabetes.