Catering Equipment

Are you running a commercial kitchen or a catering service? Professional catering equipment is the center of it all. So, whether it’s a big venture or small, you need this equipment. But first, you need to understand the various types of catering equipment and your need.

But we’re thankful for the growth in technology. The catering field has immensely grown with numerous equipment. Just keep it simple and manageable.  This equipment is inclusive of machines that save your time, your energy, and money.

So, make that kitchen your best placewith the extensive category Roller Grill Catering Equipment offers. Read on to find out.

  1. Professional Multi-Function Ovens

There is a wide range of professional multifunction ovens by Roller Grill’s exclusive technology. There’sFC 380 TQ and FC 60 TQ perfect for preparing all kinds of meat dishes, sauces, pastries, fish cuts, and vegetables, among others.

These professional multifunction ovens feature a joint ventilated heat, a Turbo Quartz, and ventilated pastry oven. 

The FC 110E electric bakery oven is another one. It is a novel kind with an actual bakery oven. It has steam production and ventilated heat best for baking bread, pastries, and soufflés. You’ll never go wrong with this!

  1. Professional Contact Grills

It’s the best equipment for takeaways in your restaurant. It’s vital in fast foods and baking. It’s both a meat grill for chopped steaks and a sandwich grill. So, you want to have some snacks, hamburgers, buns, panini, Swedish bread? It’s the best equipment to check out!

Besides, with these professional contact grills, you’ll do some quick alternate cooking. You’ll toast at the same time cook large amounts of meat and sandwich. It’s something worth your money!

  1. Refrigerated Horizontal Showcases

Now it’s time to store your cooked items. The refrigerated horizontal showcase comes in various types and is handy in displaying your foods at optimal temperatures. Whether deserts, salads, cheese, or drinks, this is the right place to store.

And the fact that every model has a different design gives you an upper hand to pick from the best. There’s CD 800 and CD 1200 suitable for use in bakery, pastry or coffee shops.

The VHF 1000 is perfect for the markets. It has a removable cold unit, and you can replace it with a heating group.

And for fresh products, TPR 60 and TPR 80 tapas showcases. They present these products at an optimal temperature and a fixed cold of 2°C/10 ° C on every tray.

Other catering equipment are:

  1. Salad bar buffets; for buffet and self-service options.
  2. Refrigerated fountains and water coolers; FRP 30 and FRP 35 provide fresh and clean water suitable in offices and workshops.

You now have something for your restaurant, fast food, or café. Though these five are just a mention of a few pieces of equipment, Roller Grill has much to offer. Don’t let your restaurant or home kitchen give you a hard time preparing your favorite meals. Remember, you can never go wrong with these items. Make kitchen time your best moment!