Different Kinds of Beef Cuts Clarified For Your Cooking Needs

The steak of a cow that arrives at your house is cut differently and from different parts of the animal. This also signifies that the way and part of the cuts of beef should determine how it must be cooked. Also, you must know whether it should be prepared in wet heat or high heat. Yes, in case you are surprised by this then you must go through the chart and read through this article so that you gain a better understanding of how to prepare the next streak part that is delivered to you. 

For better understanding ensure that you go through the cuts of beef chart. This way you will have an idea about the various regions of the cow. The way the butcher cuts will help you understand next time, how you must start to cook it, to attain the best meal on the table.

Just because you have beef before you, does not mean every part of it could be turned into the beef tender. If the meat is harder and tougher, it will signify that it should get slow-cooked or the technique of braising is required. But if you already have the softer, already-tender cuts before you, you could use techniques such as grilling, searing, or even smoking it, before you finally get it roasted on your air fryer or oven. We have beef cuts explained to you down below:

  • Chuck

This is basically the shoulder and the neck area of the cow. Beef chunks are usually harder due to the connective tissues it is underlined with. Hence you must cook them for a long time. Also, ensure you apply wet heat so that it gets softened well. The wide arrays of popular cuts that you get from a chunk of beef meat are steak through flat iron, roast, stew, or even the famous short ribs. 

  • Brisket

Right under the shoulder and the neck area of the cow is the brisket region. This part of the meat is quite fatty in nature and tough too. It has a lot of marbling too. Hence ensure you cook it slowly and take the proper time to make sure it’s been softened and well- cooked. Usually used for preparing corned beef and brisket that is barbecue-styled. 

  • Plate

Right under the ribs, you have the front belly section of the cow and this is commonly known as the plate section. You get the skirt steak coming from this section. They contain a lot of fat, tender bones, and are usually a bit more on the pricier end. Ensure you cook it well and take your time because even though it has a lot of fat. It also has a lot of cartilage that should be broken down and hence cooked at a slower pace.