Few Tips to Make the Best Coffee

If you get a good cup of coffee the first thing in the morning then your mood will remain fresh and cheerful the whole day. However, mostly you can get such best coffee from only a coffee shop.

Also, from too you can get a few good pieces of information about the best coffee brewers. Can we not get the same taste of coffee at our home too? Here in this short article, we shall share a few tips so that you can also get the same taste in your coffee at home too.

1.    Buy fresh beans

Always prefer coffee that is used within a few days after being roasted. Prefer to buy coffee from any local roaster, but avoid buying in bulk quantity. Keep your coffee protected from bright light and oxygen that can spoil its flavor.

2.    Keep your coffee beans fresh

Make sure that you must always store your coffee beans in a certain airtight container and never keep them in your refrigerator. Usually, roasted beans are too porous and absorb moisture. Prefer to keep a stock for 5 to 7 days and keep them at normal room temperature.

3.    Choose good coffee

Prefer to buy coffee that mentions its origin and also you are aware of the taste of that coffee. There are 2 major beans available in the market

  • Arabica
  • Robusta

Arabica beans are known for a range of flavors. However, cheap alternatives will mostly contain Robusta beans having higher caffeine content with harsh flavors.

4.    Grind your own

If possible you must try to grind coffee of your own so that it remains fresh and more flavorful. If you choose to grind beans all by yourself, then get a mill or burr grinder. Such grinders will grind the coffee very evenly..

5.    Use good water

Tap water with chlorine content can ruin your pot of good coffee. Coffee lovers often use carbon or activated charcoal filters on their tap or bottled spring water. Distilled or softened water makes terrible coffee as the minerals in good water are essential.

6.    Avoid cheap filters

Any low-cost paper coffee filters may offer you inferior coffee, as per the experts. Go for “dioxin-free” or “oxygen-bleached” paper filters. Also, you may prefer to spend on a long-lived gold-plated filter. These are reputed for delivering maximum flavor, but can allow sediment through if your coffee is finely ground.

7.    Don’t skimp on your coffee

To brew coffee of proper strength, the standard measure will be 2 levels of tablespoons for a 6-ounce cup or approximately 2¾ tablespoons for an 8-ounce cup. Tricks e.g. using hotter water and less coffee to extract more cups/pounds tend to create bitter brews.

8.    Beware the Heat

Once your coffee is brewed, then don’t expect your coffee to hold its flavors for too long. Boiling, reheating, or prolonged holding on a heating platform may turn even your best coffee bitter or foul-tasting.

9.    Keep all your equipment clean

Always clean your grinders and storage containers after every few weeks to get rid of any oily buildup. Also, rinse thoroughly before you reuse.