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Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender versus Hamilton Beach Rage Blender

Hamilton Beach offers cafes and restaurants two blenders that really work great contenders for virtually any establishment. The Eclipse Blender and Rage Blender are often powerfully designed blenders which allow a chef to produce wonderful mixtures of fruit or vegetables.

The Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender uses quiet and efficient technology that has been trademarked as QuietBlend and Quiet Shield. Fractional laser treatments utilize the enclosure to lessen the noise level to under conversation level. It possesses a effective 3 peak HP motor along with a wave action system that constantly forces lower this mix towards the blades which leads to an amount mixture. By using this catering equipment you can pick from over 100 pre-programmed cycles and you will find custom cycles provided. It offers a great the liberty to produce your own personal interesting recipe blends. With this specific purpose there’s a hard disk slot to keep the custom programming options for future use. This is useful for individuals food establishments which have many selections on their own menu plus they wish to ensure that you will find consistency across all of the dishes or drinks available. So every time the client returns, they already know that the smoothie or possibly the soup will most likely be much like they remember it. The Eclipse Blender includes a lightweight and opens having a maximum height of 56 centimetres along with a container size 1.4 litres. In addition, the Quiet Shield is simple to use since it has created-in clips that provide quick elimination of the shield which will help for faster cleanup.

The Hamilton Beach Rage Blender provides you with effective precision blending while using the pulse action function. This precision blending is useful for numerous drinks. It possesses a 2 speed option in addition for that pulse button. This catering goods are manufactured obtaining a 3HP motor through getting a thrilling-metal drive coupling. By using this unit there’s a timer option by having an automatic shut-off. The kodakplaytouch camcorder was created getting single.8 litre container that’s stacking plus it possesses a removable closing cup. Because this catering goods are arrange it might blend quite intensely, therefore it’s been manufactured with trademarked Sure Grip feet that forestalls skidding while it’s blending. So the unit will remain solidly situated in a single.

These two units are produced tough getting a producer that’s prepared to put its name inside it and strongly give a three year warranty. Whether you utilize just a little or medium-sized food establishment you’ll be able to be confident that each one of the system gives you greater than you realized because it is tough and efficient. So it’s wonderful for that commercial kitchen setting along with the busy establishment.

Both of these blenders are often formidable contenders with regards to effective catering equipment that may mix foods having a smooth consistency both easily and effortlessly. Well suited for establishments which can make smoothies, soups, purees, along with other fruit and vegetable blends and also offer consistency each time.