Helpful Tips to Remember When Making Reservations at a Restaurant


If you are like many people, you probably enjoy dining out and know how hard it can be to find a table. This is especially true if you choose famous places during the lunch or dinner rush. But, you can streamline the process by making a reservation. This allows the restaurant’s staff to know what time they should expect you to come. Also, this makes sure you will have a table available without waiting a long time. A lot of restaurants even prefer or require people to make a reservation to dine in. If you are planning to make a reservation at a place like the Riverside bar & resto, keep the following tips in mind:

Reserve in Advance

Make your reservation at least a week in advance. This guarantees the best availability for the time you would most likely like to go. If you are planning to go on a holiday, make the reservation even further in advance to ensure there will be tables available. Then, as the reservation date approaches, call the restaurant to confirm your reservation, if you don’t get a call or email from them.

When the day finally arrives, ensure to arrive at the restaurant on time or a few minutes early. If you will be late, call the restaurant to let them know. Some restaurants have a policy or grace period about lateness; however, they may forfeit your reservation after a specific amount of time. 

Know When is a Good Time to Make Reservations

Restaurants are more crowded during some times of the year. Thus, you will have to call them as early in the planning stages as possible to know if when you can make reservations. Remember that holidays are the busiest times for most of the nicer restaurants. If you will plan a group event like a birthday party, a corporate event, or an engagement announcement, try to do it during a slow time for the restaurant. This may be a weeknight or the weekend after a holiday.

Use Reservation Apps

To ensure you get the best seat at the restaurant you love, use one of the reservation apps. Sometimes, you will be charged a fee for using the app. However, getting a good table at a famous eatery at the last minute may be worth it.  Some apps are specific to one or just a few cities while others are free or very low in cost to customers. Just remember that making a habit of canceling reservations can have a negative impact on your ability to use these services.