How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift Baskets for Your Team

58% of people in a survey said that more recognition in their workplace would improve their engagement.

Keeping your employees happy and recognizing their hard work is vital to promote a thriving business culture. One of the easiest ways to do this is by giving everyone on your team gift baskets as a thank you for their hard work.

Choosing the best corporate gift baskets for your employees can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Read on to learn how to choose unique corporate gift baskets that will undoubtedly wow your team.

Establish a Budget

Before doing any research, it’s good to establish a budget and then only search within those parameters for gift basket ideas.

The easiest way to do this is by choosing an overall budget first. Next, figure out how many people you will be gifting baskets to. Then, divide the overall budget by this number.

From here, you will have a number that shows you the amount you can spend on each basket without surpassing your budget.

Consider Size and Quality

Too small of a gift basket can be disappointing, whereas too large of a gift basket will likely break the bank and your budget.

Focus on finding an appropriate option from both the employee’s standpoint and a financial standpoint. Many gift basket vendors offer different sizes of themed gift baskets so that you can adjust based on your specific needs.

Try to find a corporate gift basket that combines high-quality items with an affordable price tag. A gift made up of a few quality items is better than one made up of a ton of cheap things that will likely get thrown away.

Try to Be Unique

While a classic fruit basket isn’t necessarily the wrong way to go, there are probably more exciting options out there. Everyone loves food and drinks, so finding a gift that incorporates one or both of those items is sure to be a winner!

Consider giving out corporate beer gift baskets!

This is a unique gift, and most people will have not ever gotten anything like this before. The popularity of craft beer delivery and wine delivery for gifts is rising, so what better way to show appreciation for all they do at work than to give them something that they can enjoy at home?

Think About Delivery

One last important factor to consider is delivery. If you’re ordering from somewhere local, it might be an option to pick them up, but chances are you will need to ship the items.

Decide on if you want the items shipped to the office and disbursed from there or if you want the gift baskets to show up right on their doorsteps.

Be sure to factor shipping into the budget as well!

Thoughtfulness Leads to the Best Corporate Gift Baskets

The best corporate gift baskets are well thought out.

Start the process by establishing a budget and remember to factor in shipping costs. Next, consider how big you want the basket to be, and remember while you’re looking that the quality of the items is more important than the quantity.

Overall, try to choose unique corporate gift baskets to delight your employees with something new.

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