How to prevent food wastage at the restaurant?

Food waste is very common in restaurants, especially in big pizza brands. Reports have suggested that more than $52 billion is wasted on food each year. There’s a huge increase in food wastage and all the brands need to focus on it. Every brand is coming out of their way to ensure prevention of food wastage.

Also, food wastage has environmental and customer impacts. The environmental consequences need to be taken seriously. The huge amount of food wastage costs a lot of money wastage too. The recent studies show that there’s a major shift in interest of the people from the old to organic and high-quality foods. Moreover, these are extremely affordable as well.

It is necessary for all the restaurant owners to focus on their food wastage each year to prevent such things from happening in the future. Double Pizza too conducts a monthly audit to determine the food wastage each month. Some of the prominent ways that can be helpful for keeping a check with the food wastage at your restaurant include the following

  • Conduct an audit

Do you know how much food your facility wastes each month? Although you cannot cut down on the waste initially, an audit can be helpful. You need to analyse how much waste is generated each week to determine how you can cut it down. Also, this will be pretty helpful for determining the overall value of waste.

  • Know your inventory

One of the best ways to know how much waste is generated each day is to have an idea about your inventory. If you have a small inventory, you can easily prevent food wastage. If you have been throwing away food each week that too in large quantities, then it is time that you evaluate it.

It would be better if you chose orders that have short shelf-life. Moreover, it is extremely necessary to consider the technology that can help you manage the food wastage. This further helps to strengthen the supply-and-demand relationships.

  • Donate to organizations

Rather than throwing away the food, it will be better to donate it to organizations who are in need of it. Educate your staff and rather than allowing them to throw, ask them to donate the leftovers. The pizza brands can play an important role by donating the food to organizations or assisting in the food-insecure sector.

It is extremely necessary to take the right steps and prevent the food from being wasted.