Maximizing your Meat Delivery Service

Crowd Cow loves helping its customers. We love our customers and send them recipes.

Crowd Cow believes in trust and is on a mission helping people find the best food from responsible sources. These top tips will help you maximize your meat delivery service.

What do you like?

We encourage customers to order stuff they know they like to improve their satisfaction with every box they receive. Although it sounds simple, it is important to mention. You won’t be as excited to order seafood if you don’t like it or have an allergy. Although you might believe that you can identify your preferences (like the seafood example), do you know what your smaller preferences are? For instance, do you prefer grass-fed and finished beef over regular beef? Do not worry if your beef preferences aren’t clear. We can still experiment later to figure out more. Learn which cuts of meat or fish you like and ensure they are in your box.

Customers are encouraged to try new things now and again. You could try a simple change, such as ground meat for your favorite taco recipe.

Celebrate the local

We love connecting our customers with local suppliers who offer unique options. This is one of the reasons we do what we do. We can’t always offer all products in every region because we only feature local products. We hope you enjoy the local movement and would like to try something special from Illinois. These unique sausages are made from chicken that was raised less than 3 hours outside Chicago. These sausages are not available outside of Illinois so get in on the local celebrations!

Search for multiple meal options

You can make multiple meals out of the same cut of meat so you maximize the value of each package. You can order ground beef to make lasagna. This will allow you to either feed more people immediately or make the meal last week.

The alternative between premium and basics

It’s a great way for you to ensure that you have all the essential ingredients to make your everyday meals, but also to treat yourself now and again. You can get all the staples you need for your freezer, such as ground beef, chicken breasts, and so on. You can order the standard cuts such as tenderloin filet or scallops 404 in one order

Customize your shipping date

We are going to be discussing how to change your shipping frequency. However, we must mention that you have the option of changing your shipping dates at any time. You might want it to match your payment or you need to hold off on shipping. Perhaps your freezer is empty so you need another box sooner to eat. You can delay your order by signing into your and clicking “change your next billing day”. This will allow you to change the date when your next box arrives. It is possible to delay the delivery for up to six months, or speed up. Click the “Get your next order now” button when logged in to your account. This will get you your next box right away. Remember that changing the shipping dates of your box will affect the delivery date and the payment date for future boxes. We still ship your box according to the number of weeks between the shipments.

We believe it is crucial to get the best out of your Crowd Cow delivery service. We recommend that you focus on the things you love, and/or try something new in your local area. To maximize the value of your order, you can alternate between basic and more elaborate cuts. You can also get two points per box by choosing the regular-sized box, and slowing down the frequency. Many of these tips can easily be modified in your account settings.