Sweet Spot: How to Design an Appetizing Bakery Display

Did you know that Australians spend over $700 million every year on bakery items? That’s a lot of birthday celebrations!

Of course, it isn’t just annual birthday celebrations that entice us to buy this delicious, sweet treat. Many of us treat ourselves to a small cupcake or donut with our morning coffee.

So running a bakery store is a potential goldmine for a business owner who knows how to entice customers. And that starts with having the best bakery display. Here, we’ll share our top tips.

Buy Beautiful Display Cabinets

High-end bakery display cases will give your bakery section a premium feel.

The display case should have plenty of clear display windows and be free of damage, scratches, or marks. Clean them at the start of each day, so they sparkle.

That pristine look will help your bakery items look even more appetizing. You’ll also want to make sure the display cabinets are correctly chilled to keep your bakery goods fresh, so go for a modern cake display fridge.

Consider Lighting

When you’ve put all that effort into some exceptional bakery items, you must make sure they stand out in your bakery store. Good lighting is the best way to do that.

Make sure the lighting for the counter is bright, and use as much natural lighting as you can. LED tubes or bulbs are an excellent, economical and efficient choice.

Add Color

If you enjoy cake decorating and creating colorful products such as multi-colored cupcakes, use that color to your advantage in your display. Keep the background neutral, which will help your products stand out on display.

For baked goods in neutral colors (for example, vanilla and chocolate), brighten this up by displaying these bakery items against a brightly colored backdrop. It will make it look more fun and appealing.

Remember the Power of Scent

Don’t forget that it isn’t just our sight we use to decide if a food is tasty. The smell of a baked product is often enough for us to part with our cash!

If you bake fresh products throughout the day, keep them close by when they leave the oven (even if they aren’t yet on display), as the scent will be more noticeable to your customers.

Restock Regularly

Neat, nearly full display cabinets look more appetizing than half-empty displays. That is a psychological trick. We assume that half-empty shelves contain the products that other customers didn’t want.

If you can, try and restock your display throughout the day, so it always looks plentiful.

If it’s getting to the end of the day and you don’t want to continue to restock, move your remaining items closely together, so they form a smaller display.

Add Pretty Labels

Beautiful labels will make your baked items look more appealing. It shows care and attention, and people will look at your gorgeous labeling and assume you’ve put the same care and attention into your baking!

Another reason for good labeling is practical. People want to know what they are buying.

Ideally, that should be the product name, so they know what to order from you, but add other helpful labels for customers with specific requirements, such as vegan, nut-free, or gluten-free.

Create the Best Bakery Display

By putting together the best bakery display for your shop, you can potentially help your sales skyrocket. A little bit of creativity in the design is definitely worth the effort.

Why not get inspired with some new baked creations for your store by checking out our dessert section?