The Common Types of Pizza: A Detailed Guide


Say the word “pizza,” and most people’s mouths begin to water. Pizza is so popular that America consumes 350 slices every second. Yet the love affair with America’s favorite meal has many varieties.

Every region in the country has its favorite kinds of pizza. There are different types of pizza found in every part of the world. You can find more ways of making pizza than most other foods.

Your creativity has no limits if you know how to make pizza and enjoy new pizza recipes. Keep reading to get your tastebuds jumping and learn some different ways to enjoy your favorite meal. See how many types of pizza you still need to try.

Types of Pizza Italian Style

Always first on the list is where pizza got its humble beginnings. The Neopolitan is authentic Italian and features a thin crust. Only three of the freshest pizza toppings get used to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Red tomato, white mozzarella cheese, and fresh green basil make the Margherita-style pizza a simple delight.

Sicilian pizza might be square, but it’s cool to try these delicious kinds of pizza. The dough gets stretched thicker with a puffy finish yet crispy.

The distinct element of Sicilian pizza is the lack of cheese. Instead, the thick and tasty sauce is the featured base. In addition, pizza toppings often include onions, herbs, and anchovies.

Of course, neighboring Greece cannot be left out on types of pizzas to test your palate. The Greek pizza crust is chewy and thick, and the blend of cheddar and mozzarella or provolone cheese makes this pizza different. It gets baked in a pan with olive oil, and the bottom of the dough fries while the rest bakes.

New World Variations

Travel around the United States and find unique twists on pizza recipes. Every region of the country has a new take on making pizza that captures the area’s essence.

New York-Style

Starting on the East coast, the New York-Style pizza is as famous as the city that never sleeps. These kinds of pizzas get made for the lifestyle of New York residents who are always on the go. You can get a whole pizza, but the slice generally defines New York pizza.

Making pizzas with extra large and firm dough provides a slice big enough for a meal. Pizza toppings have evolved in New York to include many varieties.

Yet, the classic New York-Style pizza begins with cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. Made for the fast pace of city living, true New Yorkers know the best way to eat this pizza is to fold the slice.


The motor city gave this pizza its name after first getting baked in a square pan resembling auto parts. The dough is thick and extra crispy, with pepperoni and brick cheese spread to the edge.

Tomato sauce tops the pizza, and when baked, the pizza is fluffy and light in the middle. The cheesy edge caramelizes to give the outside bites an extra crunch.

Chicago Pizza

Of all the kinds of pizza globally, the Chicago-Style pizza gets recognized instantly. The deep dish is the essential utensil for making pizza this way. The creation starts with a thick dough flattened in the pan’s middle and then raised at the sides.

The cheese goes on first, followed by several pizza toppings, including meats and vegetables. Crushed tomato comes last, and the Chicago pizza looks like a traditional pie in the dish.

St. Louis Pizza

When looking for a lighter bite, the St. Louis pizza slice makes the perfect snack. One of the pizza recipes made without yeast, this crust resembles a cracker or flatbread.

The square thin dough gets topped with a combination of cheeses called Provel. Cheddar, Swiss, and Provolone are all part of the gooey mix. The thin crispy crust cuts into four-inch squares and easily handles a variety of pizza toppings.

California Pizza

Leave it to the West coast to get creative with pizza recipes. The California version starts with a thin and crispy crust like the New York style.

The similarities end as the California pizza toppings go above and beyond the usual fare. Better known as gourmet pizza, these types of pizza can get served without cheese or tomato sauce, using white sauce instead. Pizza toppings include everything imaginable: egg, goat cheese, chicken, and unusual vegetables like artichoke.

Making Pizza

There are many other types of pizza you can try that differ from this list. You can have pizza for breakfast, put pizza toppings on bagels, and fold the dough into a calzone. The traditional Neopolitan has evolved to suit every taste.

Yet, there is nothing more fun than making pizza at home. The Mont Alpi pizza oven, for example, turns your backyard barbeque area into a pizzeria. Gathering ingredients is simple at your local grocery.

Breadmakers have settings to make fresh pizza dough or buy ready-made dough to save time. Choose the types of pizza you want to create and let your culinary skills do the rest.

A few utensils will be essential for making different kinds of pizza. For example, you can use a skillet for deep-dish Chicago pizza or Greek-style. A wide wooden board is best for stretching the dough for New York and Neopolitan pizzas.

A variety of meshes and pizza trays are available for placing your pie in the oven. Of course, don’t forget to buy a pizza cutter for the perfect slice.

Pizza is Tops

Learning how to make pizza is almost as much fun as eating a slice. The best part is that you can create all types of pizza at home. Before you know it, you might even create new kinds of pizza that will catch on with friends.

So the next time you crave America’s favorite food, get saucy and try some different pizza toppings and styles. Your tastebuds will thank you. And if this trip through pizza paradise whets your appetite, come back here for more intriguing articles.