Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Coffee Suppliers

Did you know that the average American coffee drinker consumes around three cups of coffee per day? On top of that, 62% of Americans report drinking coffee every day. If you currently have a coffee shop or are thinking of owning a shop, great business idea!

Because so many people love coffee, there are many different variations of it available. How do you choose the best coffee for your business? Keep reading to learn all about choosing coffee suppliers. 

1. Quality of the Beans

The first thing to consider when choosing a coffee supplier is quality. You will want to choose a company that offers high-quality coffee so that you can impress your customers. If you don’t have a delicious coffee, why would customers visit your shop?

To choose a high-quality coffee, try to visit the supplier’s warehouse. You should observe them processing the coffee, see where the coffee is stored, and taste the coffee. 

If you are not able to visit the supplier’s warehouse, you should at least try samples from them to ensure that the coffee tastes good. 

2. Price of the Beans

Comparing coffee prices is another important thing you need to do before choosing a supplier. While quality is more important than price, you need to make sure that the supplier you choose offers a fair deal. 

You will have to pass the price of the coffee to the customer, and you don’t want your coffee shop to be too expensive. 

3. Type of Coffee Beans

There are hundreds of different coffee beans from all over the world. Here are some common places around the world that produce coffee beans:

  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Guatemala
  • Ethiopia 
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Jamaica 

All these different countries will have coffee beans with a unique taste. For example, if you want a coffee that is dark and has plenty of caffeine, you can choose a Columbian coffee.

Many popular coffee suppliers, such as, offer different coffees from all around the world!

4. Minimum Order Quantity

Another thing to consider when choosing a coffee supplier is the minimum order quantity. If your coffee shop does not have the capacity, you won’t be able to order too much coffee at a time. 

Also, if you are new to the world of coffee, you may not have a lot of money to invest in large quantities of coffee. It is helpful to make sure that your customer enjoys the coffee before buying too much.

5. Customer Support

You want to choose a coffee supplier that is willing to work with you to make sure that you are satisfied. When you are a new coffee shop owner, you may need guidance on the ordering process or how to brew the coffee. 

A good coffee supplier will take the time to answer your questions and will help you find the best coffee for your business. 

Are You Prepared to Start Choosing Coffee Suppliers?

Choosing the perfect coffee supplier can be difficult, but with these tips, you should have your coffee shop running in no time! Be sure to find a high-quality coffee, a fair price, and a supplier that is willing to grow with you. 

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