Top and Famous Italian Wines 


When talking about Italian culture, Italian wines cannot never go unmentioned. The unmatched wine making skills make Italy to be recognized worldwide. As foreigner, tasting all these wines at a go may be impossible because you just don’t have the time to go through the array of wines. With good wine regulatory bodies such as Vinitipici Toscanathat ensure every wine type is perfect, people are safe to consume any wine they want. Since you may not have the time to taste every wine, here are top examples of the top rated wines in Italy. 


If you are a fan of red wines, this is the fine looking and tasting wine that is made from the Nebbiolo grapes. To be specific, it originates from the Piedmont region where people have legendary wine making skills. The grapes are small and covered by a thin skin and very rich in acids and tannins. This explains why it has a bitter taste when its fresh and becomes subtler as it ages with time. It is classified as a Denominazione di originecontrallataGaranita which makes it among the most top rated wines in Italy. The perfect taste is revealed at an age of at least 38 months. 

Cannonau Di Sardegna

This is an indigenous wine of the Sardinia Island in Italy. Made from mature Cannonau grapes, this wine takes at least 2 years to have its perfect taste. For it to mature perfectly, Cannonau wine must be stored in chestnut barrels or in an oak if the chest nut barrel is not available. Locals of Sardinia who use this wine have been reported to live longer than 100 years. This means that Cannonau extends life. 


Franciacorta is known as the Italian Champagne. It is classified in the same group as Barolo, Denominazione di originecontrallataGaranita. This wine resembles procesco except the fact that Franciacorta doesn’t form bubbles in the second fermentation Phase. It becomes clear and transparent during its second fermentation. Franciacorta has a flavor similar to yeast and it is also dry. 


This is an indigenous wine of the Emilia Romagna region. This place is known for having top rated Italian Dishes that make people to tour Italy from across the globe. When it comes to wines and foods, Emilia Romagna is the leading part of Italy. This win is made from the Lambruso grapes which have a bright purple red hue that gives the wine its sparkling appearance. Lambruso is a red wine that matures through the process of methodetraditionalle. 


There are tens of Italian wines that you can explore, taste and drink. Above is just a sample of the broad range of wines available. Good thing about Italy is that companies like Vinitipici Toscana regulate and approve wines so that people drink only what is nutritionally beneficial and chemically safe. Since wines and foods belong to the agri-foods business, monitoring and production control is essential to ensure people don’t consume unsafe products. Don’t just be delighted with the product profile description, be sure it is approved by experts before you take a sip of it.