Top Reasons You Should Play Music At Your Restaurant

People have long loved the combination of food and music. Even during Roman times, musicians performed throughout dinner parties. Likewise, minstrels entertained guests who were dining at medieval banquets. Nowadays, it is even more common to find musical accompaniment at various places during meals and the music being chosen is much more varied than ever before. No matter if you run a bar, cafe, or fine dining restaurant; music can play an integral component in the satisfaction of your clientele. That being said, you might not necessarily be paying close attention to what music you are playing and you may not even have a strategy that encompasses everything involved. Perhaps you simply turn on the radio to your favorite station and you have the belief that music is music. While you might assume that ‘all music is equal,’ that doesn’t make it so. The fact is, the music you choose to play can and does impact your business’ bottom line. Below, we will be going over 4 reasons why you should strategically choose the music to be played at your establishment.

  1. It Can Create A Certain Atmosphere

Perhaps more than anything, the music you choose to play at your place of business can dictate the atmosphere and mood. You want music that co-aligns with your brand messaging. Having the right music that compliments your brand’s messaging and decor is key. Having everything strategically aligned can help you achieve a synergy that will help craft the perfect ambiance to give your clientele what they want out of a dining experience. The volume that you choose matters. The fact is, if the music is too loud, your guests will find it difficult to hold conversions and they will typically drink more alcohol according to science. This might be something that you desire if you are running a bar, but it is not something that you will want if you are running a family restaurant or a fine dining establishment. That being said, playing music at too low of a volume (or playing no music at all) can have its own negatives associated with it. For one, it can make guests uncomfortable being able to hear other intimate and private conversations and it can even make them feel as if their own conversations will be intruded on.

  1. It Can Impact The Taste Of Food

Believe it or not, but the music you choose to play can even have an impact on the taste of your food. There has been a lot of science and research that go into this. Research has shown that playing low-pitch sounds while eating can make savory dishes taste much better. Whereas, playing high-pitch notes can boldly enhance sweetness. Likewise, volume plays a critical part. If and when the background noise is too loud, it can decrease our ability to taste. This can end up making our drinks and food perceived to be less flavorful. Thus, if you are looking to improve the perception of flavor in your foods and drinks, you will want to ensure that you are choosing the sounds that co-align with that objective. Therefore, any cafe or bakery would want to amplify the sweetness of their food and drinks by playing high-pitched songs. Whereas, Italian restaurants and bars would want to opt for lower-pitched sounds and minimize the volume.

  1. Tempo Can Influence Eating Rhythm

It can also play a critical role in determining the pace at which someone eats. By playing quicker paced and tempo songs, you will be able to turn more tables over as people will eat faster. Thus, if you are running a chain restaurant that requires high turnover for profitability, you will want to energize your guests by playing up-tempo music. Whereas, if you are looking to provide an immersed and premium experience to your guests to maximize per table sales, you might stick to slower music at a lower volume. Researchers found that when there was soft music playing, people ate much slower but they actually spent more because they opted for extras like dessert and coffee after their meals.

  1. Increase Spending With Beats

A lot of consumers use music to perceive a place. By being a forward-thinking restaurateur, you can use this to your advantage. For instance, research shows that any restaurant that plays classic and/or jazz music is likely going to be perceived by dinners as both high-class and expensive. Whereas, those that play rock or pop music will be seen as a budget and less expensive one. Thus, if you are running a diner, you might want to play songs that give off the vibes that your restaurant is affordable. Whereas, if you are running a high-class restaurant, you want to stick to contemporary music. This will help you attract and retain the right type of clientele to maximize your profits.

As you can see, music plays a heavy influence on crafting your restaurant’s ambiance. It happens to be a very inexpensive and effective strategy to improve your restaurant’s atmosphere, attract the right clientele, and directly impact your business’ bottom line. Don’t just let anyone choose which music to play. Come up with a strategy and maximize its potential.

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