Ways to Make Bathtime More Luxurious

At the end of a long and stressful day, is there anything more relaxing than a nice, long and hot bath? It can take all the tension out of your muscles, and also cleanse away the day’s general dirt and grime. Yes, it can be relaxing, but what if we want to take it to the next level? How can we make our bathtime even more luxurious, sumptuous and decadent? After all, that’s how you make it a truly relaxing experience.

1. Bath Salts

Test out your new favourite bath salt and see how it helps the stress to melt away. It has long been held that bat salts of various sorts can help ease people’s inflammation, leading to overall pain relief and greater relaxation when taking a bath. For hundreds of years, the effects of these salts have been championed by many civilisations.

They now come in many convenient forms that you can simply add directly to your tub as you’re running it. There are even some in bright colours that can turn your tub into a veritable rainbow!

2. Softer Lights and Candles

Bathroom lights can often be harsh and overly bright because it’s often the room in the house with the least natural light. Big open windows are not a common feature of the bathroom, as you might guess. These bright lights are hardly conducive to a relaxing bathtime experience, however.

Turning these off in favour of softer lights is a good move. The problem? It’s hard (and not necessarily a good idea) to bring in additional electronic lamps with softer yellow light and/or dimmer switches. The solution? Candles. Scented and other candles give a warm glow to the room that really adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

3. Use Bath Oils

Many luxury bath products may well be infused with essential oils already such as lavender and others. If that’s the case, then you needn’t take any steps to add more. If they’re not, however, then adding some yourself can do wonders, too.

All you need to do is take whichever oil it is you are using, add about 12 drops of it to 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil or a similar “carrier” oil along with your bath salts (about half a cup, usually). Add all this to your bath water and voila, you’ve just seriously dialled up the luxury level of your bathtime.

4. A Plush Robe for Before and After

The luxury of bathtime isn’t just to be enjoyed when you’re soaking in that sumptuous bubbly tub. You should also add some luxury to the pre- and post-bath stages by gifting yourself a plush and fluffy terry-cloth robe. Pure cotton is always the best way to go, of course, and sizing up about one size will give you some additional material to wrap around yourself and feel more cosy.

5. Soft Music

Another element of your luxury bathtime ambience has to be background music. If you don’t like the twing-twang of Chinese zithers as is commonly used in many health spas, then dive into your own collection to find something that relaxes you.

Calm music with no particular lyrics or a strong melody does work very well when trying to relax as it allows you to lose yourself in the moment more easily. Melodic music can be distracting. Having said that, it still is a case of “each to their own.”

6. Maintaining the Right Temperature

Finally, a really luxurious bath is one that doesn’t go cold on you after a short time. Have your taps set up to allow you to easily blast some more hot water into the tub to heat things up again when the time comes.