Wedding Receptions : Cost Effective Places To Have Them in 2023


When you’re planning your wedding, you may be thinking about the dress, the place where you’ll say your vows, and who you want to invite. Of course, this leads many people to overlook the reception. This is the kind of after-party that occurs after the wedding and is where you and your partner will share your first dance as a married couple. 

So, where should you have it? If you’re looking for a cost-effective setting for your reception, read on!


For an urban wedding reception, you can’t beat a bar. There are many Maroochydore bars that would be happy to host a wedding reception and can even offer you a room where you and your guests can go, often with a private bar and facilities for food to be prepared. So, that’s everything you’ll need rolled into one.

Parks and Woodlands

If you and your partner are huge fans of the outdoors, then it may be worth looking into having your wedding reception in a park, garden, or even a woodland. 

Of course, before you pitch the gazebo, you’ll need to have permission from your local authority and the park, garden, or woodland owner, and make sure that it’s all signed off before you start inviting any guests. As these spaces are in higher demand for summer weddings, you’ll also likely need to ensure that there are no fires lit on the land and that the area is spotless when you leave it. Other than that, enjoy the natural environment and be sure to take plenty of photos.

Historical Locations

Many historical buildings have beautiful architecture and outdoor spaces where you can hold a wedding reception.

Much like the parks and woodland, however, you’ll need to make sure that you have permission to have your wedding reception in these places, as many of them may have restrictions on the activities that can be held at them. Once again, you’ll likely need to make sure that no fires are lit and that the space is clean when you leave, or you could receive a fine.

Community Centers

For a cheap and cheerful option that will usually have a bar, a community center is a wide space (usually with an outdoor area) that you can shape into any layout that you want. 

This will enable you to lay out the food as you want it, position the tables as you want them, all without having to worry about the weather or the cost!

Your Home

Last, on the list, the cheapest place you can have your wedding reception is in your own home. This will take some preparation, though, as any pets will need to be on their best behavior, and you’ll need to do a lot of tidying before the guests arrive. 

Obviously, there are many benefits of having your wedding reception at home; you’ll be in a familiar space, there’ll be no travel involved to get home afterward, and your guests won’t have to leave at a set time, which is often the case with venues. 

If you live in a smaller property, there’ll be some drawbacks, as there may not be enough space for all your guests, so this is something to consider when putting your guest list together.