What is Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen?

Wagyu means Japanese beef and it refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where ‘wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ cow. Sukiyaki is a delicious Japanese cuisine made by boiling thinly-sliced beef and vegetables in a dashi (broth).

We found a new menu where we can enjoy sukiyaki and ramen together!

Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen was developed to allow customers to experience the luxurious taste of Japan!

Dark soy sauce broth and wagyu oil are intertwined with medium-thick noodles, complimenting the rich and luxurious taste of black wagyu beef!

Who invented it, and where can we eat it?

Yakko Dining (BEEF KITCHEN STAND) created this menu, and currently they have restaurants in Kanagawa and Tokyo.

The price is 3,278 yen including tax.

“Become the world’s most appreciative ‘food’ company.” Yakko Dining believes.

“We are happy when we are eating, aren’t we?

Employees, customers, and business partners.

Our mission is to help everyone involved be extremely popular among foreigners as well!”

The company’s president, Mr. Matsumoto, is a trained chef born into a family of Japanese restaurant proprietors in Yokohama who have been in the business for 80 years. After receiving repeated requests from foreign tourists, he began development of this signature dish, which was finally completed after repeated testing and tastings. The dish is characterized by the wide variety of flavors that can be enjoyed by ordering raw egg and rice together with the Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen.

Check out this amazing video of how Mr. Matsumoto cooks Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen. If you are planning to visit Japan, we highly recommend to try Yakko Dining!

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