What makes Baklava a preferred Treat? 

A sweet gourmet delicacy like baklava is a terrific way to ease tensions among coworkers at a new workplace. While bagels and doughnuts have long been the norm, baklava has been far more inventive and is guaranteed to catch your coworkers’ attention. The sweet, crunchy, nutty, buttery taste that is crammed into every piece of baklava is impossible to resist.

The Middle East, Central Asia, and the region once ruled by the Ottoman Empire all use the rich, sweet pastry known as baklava. It is formed of phyllo dough layers that have been flavored in various ways and filled with chopped nuts like walnuts, pistachios, cashews, or almonds. The pastry is frequently sweetened with cinnamon and honey or syrup made of sugar and rose water. Clarified butter is one of the most important components in baklava which provides it with a rich taste. Clarified butter has undergone a separation process to remove the water and milk particles from the butterfat. It is typically made with soft butter and isolates the various components that rise to the surface.

Different forms of baklava 

There are many different sizes and forms of baklava. The majority of those who manufacture it choose the classic diamond form. Baklava is produced differently over the world, such as in the form of a finger roll or a half-shell tiny rose. Additionally, there is an open-faced phyllo cup called a “birds nest” that is created with entire cashew or pistachio nuts. The “caviar” burma baklava, which is formed of fried shredded phyllo and entire almonds, is quite exceptional.

With what can you have baklava? 

Nearly anything goes well with baklava. It is frequently offered in a range of venues for celebratory events of many kinds. Baklava is frequently offered as a sweet treat after meals together with tea or coffee. Black tea using milk and baklava are popular pairing in the far-to-middle east.

Similar to sending Christmas cookies or chocolates, giving baklava is quite popular in eastern countries. Baklava is typically shared at weddings, celebrations, and religious holidays, to mention a few occasions. Baklava has an intriguing quality in that it keeps well even when exposed to the elements. It is nearly hard to locate spoilt baklava, and as the pastry matures, it is likely to be enjoyed by someone. Over time, baklava tends to dry up and alter in texture, yet in some way, it never gets thrown out.

Previously, obtaining baklava required flying abroad, dining at a pricey establishment, or visiting a bakery. However, owing to contemporary technology, you may order some of these lovingly made pastries to be brought fresh to your home right now.

The original baklava variety 

The original variety is the most well-known in the west and the most traditional of all Mediterranean pastry varieties. Given that the selection might include more than twenty various kinds of pastries, giving a box of varied pastries is a fantastic option. Each person will be able to choose the ideal variety to satiate his sweet craving thanks to the diversity’s levels of sweetness. Additionally, the various contents of cashews, pine nuts, walnuts, and pistachios accommodate a range of tastes.

To sum it up

Need a fantastic present suggestion? Why not send baklava as an alternative to flowers or chocolates? Yes, baklava is a wonderful gift option that is nearly certain to leave a lasting impression.