Why freshly prepared meal deliveries are an absolute necessity in these uncertain times

Amidst the global pandemic of covid-19, nowadays social media is constantly flooded with posts, videos, and messages regarding how to make smart changes in your lifestyle that can ultimately help in enhancing your overall immune system. These mostly include tips about regular exercise, the importance of exposure to sunlight, good ventilation, a stress-free environment, and of course nutritious food. The importance of freshly cooked livraisons repas is on the rise. Grocery shopping, meal planning, and calorie counting all take a huge chunk of time as well as concentration. But with offices and schools shut, you’ve got hundreds of unread emails while attempting to work from home, play the role of a good parent, home-school your kids, bake Instagramable banana bread, workout as well as meditate for that inner peace. Too much to handle? With freshly prepared meals delivered at your doorsteps in under 60 minutes, you get to relax, concentrate on your work, take care of the kids while making sure that you also have fresh as well as nutritious meals ready à manger on your plates.

We all know that freshly cooked food is more nutritious as compared to refrigerated and reheated food. As it is filled with more proteins and vitamins.  Another issue of ready-to-eat fast foods or processed foods is that they lack essential nutrients and are high in calories.  Therefore, they increase the risk of obesity and other resultant diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, high cholesterol levels, etc. Chemicals present in these processed foods can also aggravate allergy-related problems like asthma, skin rashes, and much more. The biggest plus point with freshly cooked food is that it enhances the body’s immunity, which has been our topmost priority since the beginning of the pandemic. Considering the countless benefits of freshly cooked food, people should be determined to try to eat freshly cooked meals only, as far as possible.

One of the lesser talked about advantages of meal deliveries is that you get to experiment with different flavors, without much planning or putting in lots of effort, you get to try out sample meals you potentially have never tried before like chicken tikka masala as well as new ingredients like okra to keep your taste buds on their toes alongside your tried and true favorites dishes. With such deliveries, you get the right to choose whatever you want to savor by ordering from an online platform or app. One such app known as Smood allows you to browse from all your nearby restaurants and search by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, or meal. You get to choose from Switzerland’s best selection of restaurants and a variety of foods such as pizza, pasta, sushi, etc. Whether you wanna order some noodles or dumplings from a restaurant chinois or order some paneer tikka masala from an Indian restaurant, Smood has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and order from over 1700 restaurants across Switzerland and get them delivered in under 45 minutes.