Why online Liquor Stores are so popular these days?

The corona pandemic has played havoc with our lives. The long lockdowns and social distancing have changed our lives and lifestyles. It has meant that the supply lines have broken and there was a lot of hardships as people could not go out to buy and most malls and shopping complex remained out of bounds for the people.

From daily stores to the liquor stores and direct to consumer online liquor platform all incurred losses a corona smiled and affected misery on the people.  The liquor stores and liquor lovers both suffered in silence as they had nowhere to go. In this scenario, the online alcohol store became a saving grace. Not only do online liquor stores help people order their favourite wines and beers but also saved the liquor stores from closing down.

No wonder, Online wine sales skyrocketed during the lockdown period as bars shut down, and online liquor stores became the only source for alcoholic beverages. Many consumers used online alcohol delivery or click-and-collect services for the first time in order to avoid shopping in stores. It is no surprise that nearly half of consumers who purchased alcohol online last year did it online> Even those who had the option of going and buying from the brick and mortar liquor store.

 Ï love to drink on the balcony of my home and for a few days, I was lost as I did not know where to buy my bottle of bourbon  I goggled to get addresses of a few stores in my neighbourhood but to my surprise, I stumbled upon the online platform for buying alcohol. I ordered just to test it and was happily surprised to find the bottle delivered to me at my doorstep. And yes it wasn’t costly” recounts Phillips J. Marcel from New York.

Many Liquor store marketplaces or platforms are facilitating online liquor sales through their platforms. They are providing the liquor vendors with many tools that can be employed to jack up their services. Many of such marketplaces are offering incentives to sell on their platform and extending all help to make their transition smooth.

The reason for the success of online liquor store platforms like is not accidental they have worked hard to tailor their services to their customers. They act as a bridge between the liquor stores and the liquor buyers. They not only ensure that their customers get good quality of alcohol but also at the best price and delivered in the shortest of the time possible. For instance, online liquor stores like offers their vendors a free website and app to go online in minutes. No wonder the online stores of liquor are now trending and every day some new features get added to it. So pandemic or not the liquor stores have made their entry and they are here to stay!