Health Drinks


One of the most amazing things about smoothies is that they are both refreshing and keep you healthy.

The good news is,they are also easy to make. A good quality blender would definitely come in handy to get you enjoying a cup of your favorite smoothie. The Ninja blender is most definitely the plug that you are searching for.

The Ninja Blender consists an up to 1400-watt motor basewith different buttons that are operated manually. These buttons are: Low, medium and high-speed setting, Pulse, Auto-IQ ultra-blend, Auto-IQ puree and Auto-IQ crush.The blender also comes with a72-ouncepitcher as well as 24-ounce blender cups with their spout lids. Ithas a sharp blade inside the pitcher as well as an equally efficient separate chopping blade for the smoothie cups. This ensures that all the fruits have been crashed to the smallest particle.

How to use a Ninja Blender SmoothieCup

Different from the pitcher, the Ninja Blender smoothie cups do not have an inbuilt extractorblade. However, with the blender, comes an independent chopping blade that is fixed to the smoothie cup while blending.

Step One: Add the ingredients into the smoothie cup.

First and foremost, you need to add your ingredients into the cup. Check to ensure that the ingredients that have been added into the cup are under the max liquid line. If the ingredients go over the max liquid line, it could make it hard for your ingredients to blend evenly. This is because the blade in the blender may not rotate and extract as effectively as expected, worse still, it could cause leakage.

Step Two: Fix the cup onto the motor base.

Once the ingredients are in the cup, twist-lock the extractor blade tightly onto the cup to avoid spillage.The blades may appear to be small, but are very sharp. The blade is designed to break down even the most solid of ingredients when blending. Turn the sealed cup upside down and align it carefully onto the motor base. Thereafter, push down the smoothie cup and screw it until you hear a ‘click’ sound that indicates that the cup has been accurately locked into place.

Step Three:Blend the ingredients.

The motor base is installed with a set of buttons that allow the user to blend the ingredients to different consistencies and at different speeds. Plug the motor base cable onto the socket and switch it on, then click onto the desired setting button and allow it to blend. Once they are blended, press the button again to end the process.

Step Four:Disassemble the Smoothie cup.

In an anticlockwise motion, unscrew the cup from the motor base. Turn the cup over and carefully remove the lid-like extractor blade.

Finally, replace it with your spout lid and enjoy your smoothiewhile relaxing. 

The Ninja Blender comes in different models and is available at different stores. Its spare parts can also be purchased independently when faulty.