Why You Should Always Order Local Pizza

We’ve heard a lot in the past year and a half about the state of the economy and how the pandemic has affected American businesses. Needless to say, small businesses were hit harder than chains and national corporations. Many are still feeling the heat.

If you’re ready to head to a great pizzeria, we can’t stress enough how important it is to go local. Local pizza places offer tons of perks that the chains can’t match. Plus, it’s better for your local economy to stick with the little guys.

Not quite sure that you’re ready to skip the chain and go local? That’s okay. We’re not done explaining why you should!

Read on to find out why buying pizza from a local pizza restaurant is the way to go.

Your Local Economy Thrives When You Rely on Local Businesses

When we think about money, we don’t always think about community. However, when you have a thriving local economy, you can feel real, tangible benefits in your own life. For example, a thriving local economy can provide more parks and weekend entertainment, and even the value of your home can increase when the local economy is doing well.

If you want to help boost your local economy, start by spending your money at local businesses, rather than chains. Research has shown that when you keep your money in the community, it gets reinvested into the community. In fact, small business owners tend to donate 250% more to community-based organizations and spend more of their profits in the community, rather than somewhere else.

Your Local Pizza Shop Offers Unique Options

We’re all familiar with some of the larger pizza chains (which we won’t name, because you know who we mean). Chances are, you probably even have a favorite pizza chain–and that’s okay.

However, all that means is that whether you’re in New York City or Sacramento, you’re going to have the same pizza options to choose from. If you want to eat good pizza that reflects the flavors of your region, it’s time to switch to your independent pizza shops.

Take a look at, for example. They offer way more options than just your plain cheese or pepperoni pizza. At your local pizza place, you’re going to get more than just a pizza–you’re going to get a unique experience.

Local Pizzerias Tend to Use Better Ingredients

One thing those huge chain restaurants don’t want us to think about is that it’s financially smart of them to source their ingredients en masse. They tend to have a few regional ingredient distributors that are shipping out frozen or pre-made ingredients to several states–or even cities.

Your local pizzeria isn’t trying to feed thousands or millions of families across the country. They’re not looking to buy the most ingredients at the lowest cost regardless of quality. In fact, a lot of local restaurants build relationships with farms and other small distributors, which means that you’re getting fresh ingredients that didn’t sit in a truck for thousands of miles to get to your plate.

Eating Local Builds Community

We live in a digital world where face-to-face connection can feel like a lost art. Meeting new people in your day-to-day life doesn’t always seem realistic or even possible. When you start eating at local restaurants, you create opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

The truth is, a lot of big-time pizza chains make enough money from delivery and pick-up orders, alone. They’re not too worried about the experiences their customers have when they come in and sit down for lunch or dinner.

Your local pizza restaurant, however, doesn’t have that same fallback. They’re going to put more effort into creating a positive and fun environment where you can enjoy a meal with family and friends. Plus, the more you go, the better you’ll get to know the staff, the regulars, and other folks who live and work in the same community that you do.

Supporting Local Businesses Makes Room for More Local Businesses

Let’s revisit the burden placed on small businesses during the pandemic. What, exactly, happened?

Because it became safer to place orders for everything from groceries to hot meals online, businesses that relied on foot traffic suffered. In fact, without the strong online infrastructure that only billion-dollar companies have, it became next to impossible to compete. In the end, people turned to the big guys out of convenience and the little guys suffered.

The same thing can happen in less extreme situations. When big chains move into your neighborhood, they take business from the shops run by your neighbors. The more needs those big businesses can fulfill, the less small businesses can thrive.

When you support local businesses, you contribute to wider decisions about your local economy. You show that you’re invested in supporting independent and family-owned businesses, rather than corporations. This, in turn, creates even more room for more local businesses to open and deliver unique, personalized goods and services to your community.

At the end of the day, that slice of local pizza can change the face of your neighborhood for the better!

Looking For Pizza? Go Local

Nothing is better than a hot slice of pizza weighed down with all your favorite toppings. Why keep eating the pizza you can get anywhere when you could try something unique–and make a positive impact on your community at the same time? Next time you head out for a pie, head to your local pizza shop and enjoy some truly authentic pizza!

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