Shift In Consumer Behaviour From Offline to Online Buying

With the advancement in technology, easy access to smartphones, and the internet a lot of consumers are favoring buying online as compared to offline buying. Today if you want to shop anything online there are thousands of websites where you can compare the prices of the products, check for variety, etc. Not just that, mobile applications are making lives easier. It is changing the way you work, you communicate with each other. Technology is advancing every second. With the shopping apps available, you can buy clothes, groceries, stationery, medicines, order food, fish, etc. Unlike offline buying, you don’t have to spend hours in malls and markets and search for the best prices and products. From an online meat shop to booking a cab ride, we all are dependent on mobile applications.

Let’s understand some of the major reasons for the transition in human behavior from offline to online buying.

Convenience – The comfort and convenience of buying online is impacting the shift in the buying behavior from conventional to online shopping. You don’t have to wait in the long queues for the checkout and you can order the products online within minutes. Ecommerce is bringing the shopping experience to our fingertips with a single tap on mobile devices, shopping apps, and computers.

24*7 Availability – Round the clock availability is one of the major reasons for online buying. Need to cook a luscious steak meal for a last-minute dinner, you have an online shop to buy freshly cut steak. In comparison to the brick and mortar store where there is a time limit of the working hours, you can order online anytime you want and get it home-delivered with the fastest delivery option.

Better Prices – There are better deals and discounts available online. Sometimes the product comes directly from the manufacturer and there is no middlemen cost which ultimately reduces the product price you have to pay.

More Variety – Online you get a variety of products. Today shopping is not restricted to global markets. You can make purchases online with the international markets. More variety, a greater selection of colors and sizes are available at your disposal.

Saves Time – Have limited time? Occupied with work. The option of online shopping and buying anything from the comfort of your home or workplace saves you a lot of your precious time.

Price Comparison – You can compare the prices and research the products by checking the multiple websites online unlike conventional shopping where you have to visit every store physically to check and compare the product prices. With this, you get information about the product reviews and the customer testimonials which you don’t get to know while buying the products physically from a store.

Customer habits of shopping will continuously evolve with the technology and the businesses will have to continue to adapt to sustain and to create relevance.

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