How to Host the Ultimate Summer Cookout Party

Did you know at least 64 percent of Americans own an outdoor stove or barbeque? And 68 percent plan to have a cookout party during the Fourth of July?

Who can argue? There’s no better feeling than spending time with friends grilling food. It’s time to call up your friends and get meal prepping because this summer you’re going to plan a cookout.

Planning a cookout isn’t as difficult as you think and, with our handy guide, it’s even easier. Keep reading to find out more about planning the best cookout party this summer.

Pre-Plan the Food

Grilling food when you’re hosting a cookout is serious business. Don’t get caught up in the excitement and forget to pre-plan your portion sizes. Make sure you have enough food for all your guests.

Kebabs are one of the best parts of a cookout and they’re easy to make. They’re versatile and make great vegetarian alternatives to please all guests. And they’re easy and fast to cook… so you can spend more time hanging out.

Make a pre-appetizer like a veggie tray with a side of dip. Consider making homemade dip, or you can settle with storebought.

And, don’t forget about everyone’s favorite part: dessert. You can make your own dessert or buy a pre-made snack. For a summer or pool party, try hand-pies or dessert jars.

When offering dessert you want to have options. Make more than one side and ask your guests what they do and don’t like before well before the party.

Grilling Meat? Slice It Up!

Do you think everyone can eat a whole steak? What if your friends have young children? That’s why it’s a great idea to slice up the steaks.

Not only does slicing meat make it easier to eat, but sliced meat also cooks faster. Give your guests what they want and cook against the grain… this ensures the meat is tender and not too tough. You can offer toothpicks as well for cubed portions.

And you don’t have to cook steak, so consider grilling different kinds of meat. Try cooking chicken, pork chops, and, a popular choice, hamburgers.

Don’t use any barbeque for grilling meat, use the best barbeque: the Barebones grill. This cast iron grill is a cookout party host’s dream. But you’ll have to try it to believe it.

Tips for Hosting the Best Cookout Party

Hosting a cookout party makes for a great pastime for many Americans. You don’t have to wait for the fourth of July to host a summer party. Break out the beach balls and slap some meat onto the barbeque.

One of the easier ways to make sure your cookout party is a success is by planning ahead. Create the menu well in advance and talk to your guests a week or so before the party. That way you have enough time to plan the menu and buy ingredients.

If you follow our easy and handy guide, you’ll have the best cookout party of the summer. For more food-related articles, check out our website.How to Host the Ultimate Summer Cookout Party