Smart shopping guide 101: Tips to buy fruits & veggies

You want to eat right and healthy. A balanced diet should ideally include a lot of fruits & veggies, but many people often believe that fresh produce is expensive, which is not entirely untrue. What you have to focus on is smart shopping. In this post, we are sharing more tips on how to buy more fruits & veggies, without going beyond your budget. 

Order home delivery

If you live in cities like Montreal, you will find options like LeFruitier panier fruits et legumes that deliver fresh fruits & veggies to your doorstep. These services often buy directly from farmers, so you get the best possible price, and that too, as and when you want. 

Seasonal is the best

Don’t want to spend too much on your weekly fruits & veggies? Go seasonal – Simple. A mango that has been imported from India will cost a lot more than an avocado that’s locally produced. Seasonal produce is often for a limited time, and you will be surprised that these fruits & veggies are often have a dense nutritional profile. 

Go the canned/frozen way

Just because something is exotic, it doesn’t mean you have to skip it. Go for frozen or canned fruits & veggies, which are as good as the fresh ones. The frozen foods are usually harvested and frozen in the peal harvest season, so you can expect the same level of nutrients and similar taste. When it comes to imported produce, canned foods are great. 

Organic but not always

Eating organic is great for sure, but again, keep in mind that organic fruits & veggies are expensive, and not always locally produced. Some of the varieties are more likely to have pesticides and chemicals, and these are the ones that you should buy organic. In other words, if you want to save money, buy organic only in selected categories. 

Shop on weekdays

You will be surprised to find many stores, supermarkets and delivery services have amazing offers and deals on weekdays, because they already expect a good demand on weekends. Make sure to make the most of mid-week sales and offers, and as long as the produce is fresh and local, the look of your fruits & veggies doesn’t really matter. 

Check online now to find more local delivery services and try one to check the quality of the products they sell. Include as many varieties of fruits & veggies as you can find!