Tips for Buying and Managing a Restaurant in Malaysia

Are you a foodie or do you love preparing food? If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, you might get inspired to set up your own restaurant in Malaysia. You can set up your restaurant in two ways. First, you can set up one from scratch. The other way is to look around you. Ask yourself “Is there a business for sale near me?” If yes, that would make it less hassle for you.

Look for Investors

Setting up a restaurant in Malaysia requires capital from investors. Financing the restaurant with your own money would be risky, but brings more rewards. On the other hand, having a group to invest in your foodie venture would distribute the risk so that it won’t be so scary. However, you don’t get to keep all the profit for yourself. It also means that you’re accountable for the investment. If you can handle that, then that makes your status clearer.

Apply for a Business License

You need a business license for starting a restaurant in Malaysia. After that, you can apply for an alcohol license. Other permits you need are a music license, halal license, and a signboard license. Make sure you inform your investors once you have these licenses.

Find a Location

You need to set up your restaurant in an area with a lot of passers by. That’s why so many restaurants spring up in ideal areas such as malls and commercial spaces. This will help you manage your marketing budget so that you don’t need expensive advertising. Another consideration regarding location is being close to the source of your suppliers. That will help you manage the cost of delivery and freshness of ingredients. The location might also dictate the menu you will be offering to diners such as residents of the area.

Develop the Menu

The ideal market you want to serve may influence the type of dishes you want to integrate into the menu. For example, if the majority of the people in your market are Muslims, then you should avoid pork dishes. You may serve beef dishes to Muslims though. There might be a lot of expatriates whom you think would like to eat at your restaurant eventually. You can think up dishes that Westerners would like to eat when they’re homesick or feeling adventurous. The complexity of your menu will dictate how many restaurant staff you need too.

If you reach that point that you’ve regained your capital and have harvested quite a lot of profit, you can start thinking “how will I sell my business?”  For that, you can tap into Easy Buy Sell Business Malaysia. This is our Business for Sales Platform where you may put up your restaurant for sale. You can also visit our site to seek out potential buyers as you see fit.