How to Cook the Perfect Hamburger Every Time

Did you know that the average American eats a hamburger around three times each week?

While it’s fast and convenient to roll up to your nearest drive-thru to get your burger fix, learning how to cook a hamburger yourself is rewarding. Not only will you be able to save money, but you can also customize your food however you like it.

Do you want to know how to create the perfect hamburger every time? Keep reading for 5 crucial tips that can help you level up in the kitchen.

1. Learn About Hamburger Cooking Temperatures

The best hamburger looks different for every unique palate, which is why it’s helpful to identify your preferences and understand cooking temperatures. The FDA suggests cooking your burgers to at least 160 degrees for food safety, but this means that it would be well-done.

If you’re working with fresh, high-quality meat and you enjoy some pinkness, here are some temperatures to keep in mind:

  • 130 for medium-rare
  • 140 for medium
  • 150 for medium-well

2. Choose High-Quality Meat

In addition to working with fresh ground meat, you need to pay attention to the fat ratios. The best burgers are made with an 80/20 mix. If you choose leaner grounds, then you’re increasing your risk of biting into a dry and tough burger.

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3. Season the Meat Well

Good meat can always shine on its own, but it’s nice to enhance those natural flavors with some seasonings. Salt and pepper are a must, but you can also get creative with store-bought grill mixes for extra flavor.

As you’re seasoning your hamburger, make sure you don’t overwork the meat, or else it can get tough.

4. Make a Divot in the Center of the Patty

One lesser-known tip for making the perfect burger is to use your thumb to make a little divot in the center of each patty. While this may look strange, this step will ensure that your burgers don’t puff up and cook unevenly.

Once you assemble your burgers, you won’t be able to notice the divot.

5. Avoid Smushing With the Spatula

As you’re cooking your burger, it can be hard not to rush the process while the aromas are hitting your nostrils. Since good things take time, don’t use your spatula to smush your patty.

Doing this will release all the decadent juices and you’ll wind up with a dry burger.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Perfect Hamburger?

If you love eating burgers, then you’ll be delighted to know that anyone can create the perfect hamburger any time they’re in the mood. By following these expert cooking tips, you’ll never have to endure another sad, dry burger again.

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