When is the Best Time for Coffee and When Should You Avoid It?

Couple drinking coffee


Coffee is a favorite drink for almost everyone in the world and many people are even craving to have it. Its smell, the taste and the feeling that comes along with it makes every person to want to grab it. It contains a caffeine, a very powerful mental stimulant that makes people in alert mode for many hours.  As they say too much of something is poison, caffeine is not an exception. You need to make sure you have knowledge on what time to drink Moka coffeeand what time not to drink it.

Between 8Am and 9Am 

This is the time when you have just woken up and full of energy. You are also alert because cortisol levels are already high and you feel like you are new to the world. If you drink coffee, it would still taste good but it won’t be necessary because you are already alert and productive. If you drink it at such a time, even your tolerance level will increase making you to need more of the caffeine for you to reach the effective levels of the coffee. 

Cortisol levels are also high in the time 1pm and 2pm so you don’t need any caffeine to keep your alertness. 

9AM to 11Am 

This is the appropriate time to have coffee because it is when all your cortisol levels are down. This is when most people want to just have a break so that they get mentally fresh and come back to work. Since the company or work you do may not have a break, you will need to drink a cup of coffee to stay alert and awake and this will make you high productive. You don’t need to drink excess coffee, let your body get used to small amounts so that you don’t develop tolerance.

Coffee in the evening 

Past 4 pm, you need to be very careful when taking coffee so that you don’t alter your sleep problems. Research indicates that coffee that is taken six hours to sleep time disrupts a whole one hour of sleep. What if it is taken three hours prior to sleep time? That means the person would have some sleep disturbances. Take coffee on the appropriate time and make sure you don’t take it some hours before sleep. If you are going to stay on a night shift, drinking coffee could be the best way to ensure you don’t dose at night.


When you take coffee, you need to know it affects your sleep and improve your alertness. Make sure you drink it only when you feel you are mentally down and you need to be stimulated and work properly. There is also need to prevent taking coffee when you just about to sleep. Sleeping and drinking coffee cannot comply because coffee ruins the sleep cycles and disrupts the production of melatonin. Drinking well process coffee also adds the best impact to your health making you to stay alert for long without taking a lot of it.