A Foodie’s Guide to the Most Popular Types of Edible Crab

Are you aware that there are more than 6,000 different species of crab worldwide?

Of course, not all of these types of crab are edible. However, the ones you can eat are often a heavenly experience that can’t quite be put into words. You have to try them before you can fall in love with them.

Are you wondering what your options are? Keep reading to learn all about the most popular types of edible crab with this brief foodie’s guide.

Moro Crab

When it comes to the best crab, you’re sure to fall in love with the flavor of the moro crab. Sometimes called the stone crab, its claws are delicious and are the only parts of it that are edible.

Fishermen are required by law to put these crab claws on ice or in a freezer after they’re caught. The reason for this is that a weird and sour taste can develop in the meat if it isn’t preserved right away.

If you’ve never had moro crab, then it’s essential to learn more info.

King Crab

Are you still asking yourself, “What crabs can you eat?”

King crab is another popular choice among crab aficionados. While the crab itself can turn out to be quite big, usually the claws and legs are eaten and nothing more.

The meat has a beautiful white tone with edges that are red. The flavor is often so wonderful that you don’t need much butter on it at all.

Snow Crab

Another popular edible crab is referred to as the snow crab. Their name comes from the color of the meat once it’s cooked. One of the best benefits of the snow crab is the fact that you can break open the legs and claws with little effort.

The taste of snow crab meat is less sweet than other species, but it makes up for that with a unique savoriness.

Blue Crab

When it comes to crab meat grades, you don’t have to worry about blue crab’s meat. Despite what some people might think, the meat isn’t blue, but it’s definitely delicious.

Blue crab is often the species used to make the phenomenal crab cakes and crab bisque we all love.

Peekytoe Crabs

In terms of flavor, the peekytoe crab has some of the sweetest meat in the entire sea.

That’s why they’re often used in a variety of dishes, including crab cakes, salads, and even finger food dips.

Ready to Try the Types of Edible Crab?

Now that you’ve learned all about the most popular types of edible crab, you can challenge yourself to try each one. Be sure to invite your closest friends and family members to join in on the fun.

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