Ways to Decorate a Kids Birthday Party Cake 


Kids cherish birthday parties. It is during such a time when celebrations happen, their friends come and gifts are given out. Besides the gifts, music and other forms of celebratory happenings, kids also need a birthday cake. Cakes are naturally delicious and sweet. That is a basic trait that every cake needs to showcase. At , flavors are added making the kids to feel the variations in taste while at the same time keeping them happy throughout. Here are some of the ways through which a birthday party cake can be decorated. 

Ensure to Put an Image Drawing of the Kid’s Favorite Item 

Kids are normally enthusiasts of something in their lives. It could be a car, a certain sport activity or any kind of a item, activity or something that they like. Tell the baker to draw that item’s image on the cake. For example, kids who support a certain football team could have the name of the team drawn on the cake. Kids who want to be doctors can have the stethoscope image drawn on the cake. All this is to make sure the kids are able to appreciate the cake and that it was mainly customized for them. 

Keep the Cake Colorful 

Kids love colors so make sure you keep it colorful and attractive. Most bakers try to make a lot of colors that depict a certain theme such as water, sun or add some few stars on the margin of the cake. By doing that, the cake looks so adorable and the kids may like it even more. Make sure the colors are correspondent with what the kid wants so that you make it look special. Keep colors that will make the kid adore the cake and if you are not an expert in color selection, the baker should advise you.

Let the Cake Have a Name 

A cake may just appear like a general and non-specific cake if it is not customized. Besides favorite colors, favorite image and favorite shape, the cake should contain the kid’s name. This is a way to show that the cake is meant for that person and when the candles are being blown out, the kid will be able to appreciate that the cake is meant for his or her birthday. Write his name, favorite image and ensure the cake contains the kid’s favorite colors.


A Birthday cake should be highly remarkable to ensure it showcases wonderful moments to the kids and friends. This is the best way to ensure that even the kid’s friends can be happy for attending such an event. It is for that reason that Envio de Desayunos devote themselves with a lot of commitment and professionalism to ensure all cakes manufactured are in accordance with the standards required by the client. Flavors should be balanced taking into consideration the client’s demands as well as adding expertise in adding the best flavors. Choose a cake design and type of decorations you need days before the birthday.